BAGUETTE CATERING SERVICES & RESTAURANTS L.L.C has many brands of restaurant, each restaurant has its own unique theme and cuisine; and here with a brief about these restaurants:

B Cafe’ & Resto is a concept developed by Baguette Catering. The First operating location is in Abu Dhabi and the second one in Al Ain . It provides a different types of oriental and international dishes, variety of hot and cold drinks in addition to Shisha. In short, its a perfect place for catering in Abu Dhabi and catering in Al Ain

B Express Cafe’ is a new concept for people of all ages and all tastes. Grab and go food Sweet Concept with a wide variety of Meat & Chicken, sweet Sticks awaits our customers. With its perfect location, at the heart of the universities and government area in Abu Dhabi, its a perfect location to meet with colleagues and conduct meetings no matter what is the occasion. Also, if you are looking for best services for catering in Abu Dhabi, you know very well where to go

Kaake W Manoushe is a new concept for the people of all ages and tastes. A street style fast food concept with a wide variety of delicious maan2ich, kaake & salad options that satisfies both your hunger and your wanderlust. Found at the heart of university destination areas, business hubs and tourists attractions, Kaake W Manoushe location is ideal to meet with friends or colleagues, and have on-the-go meal.

Seray Gourmet is inspired by the Lebanese culture, Seray will be a new concept that will come alive at the heart of Abu Dhabi to bring you an unparalleled culinary experience. It speaks to people of all ages and tastes, as anyone can find a favorite dish in our widely varied menu, from food enthusiastic for whom exploring new genuine cuisines is a hobby and an interest to families and individuals who are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in an equally unique setting.