Our team of professionals has the necessary experience, operational and leadership skills to insure camps are managed effectively and efficiently.

In labor camps especially those in remote areas or hostile environments, the morale of the workers is very closely linked to the quality of food and related services. We are here to share with you our experience in managing catering contracts at labor camps with professional and specialized personnel.

We understand the requirements of this delicate service and provide the highest quality cooks to grant the highest superiority of food for different cultures. We have the capability to manage the complete spectrum of catering operations, ranging from determining dietary requirements, procurement of raw materials to cooking and serving the meals. We always have a solution to every challenge, no matter how complex.

Our clients includes government agencies, corporations and major event organizers.  Managing camps of hundreds if not thousands of workers in remote locations with people of different cultures requires special skills and deep experience in understanding issues that can disrupt peaceful camp life.