BAGUETTE CATERING SERVICES & RESTAURANTS L.L.C has been a leader in providing cost-effective food service programs to all educational needs. Through our catering program, we offer tasty balanced menu choices that appeal to students while meeting school district, governmental nutritional standards. We prepare our menus on a budget, and whenever possible, with fresh local ingredients from approved suppliers.

MAQASIF canteen presents a healthy eating plan & how to have a healthy choice so students can build a HEALTHY AFFORDABLE tray through the healthy Guide Posters.

Everything we do is backed by our rigorous focus on service excellence with your precious kid in mind. A well-defined and nutritious diet plays an important in the growth and development of students. With diet geared to various student-age groups, taste and preferences, BAGUETTE CATERING SERVICES AND RESTAURANTS ensures an efficient and comprehensive answer to the catering requirements of your educational institution.

Knowing the various fads and taste which populate a student well-being, we listen imaginatively and respond to every student’s dietary requirement.