Catering in Dubai- All You Need to Know

If you have been living in Dubai for a while, you must have attended a lot of parties or get to gathers.

The city is hustling and bustling all the time, with lots of events taking place. It might be a wedding function, birthday party, a celebratory occasion, or anything else along the same lines. All these events require a good catering service to be successful

Importance of catering for the success of an event

No matter how good the event is, it is ultimately the food that becomes the deciding factor. The food needs as much attention as the other aspects of the event.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to avail the services of a catering company in Dubai instead of doing everything yourself.

What does a catering company do?

A catering company ensures that your company’s food is magical and spurs the taste buds of all the audience. However, food is not the only thing that a catering company takes care of.

A good catering company also sets up the table, the lighting and creates a pleasing ambiance, which is another crucial factor if you are to WOW your audience. Therefore, you should select a catering service provider after thorough and in-depth research.

How to choose the best catering in Dubai service?

When we talk about carrying an in depth research, you might be wondering what exactly does that mean?

What should one look for when selecting a catering company?

Below we talk about 4 things that you must look for before selecting any company for catering in Dubai.

Catering In Dubai

1. Check out the reviews online

The easiest way to check the credibility of catering in Dubai service provider is to check their reviews online.

There are multiple ways to do so. You can check out the reviews on Facebook or in different forums and online directories, among other places. Make sure to check reviews from multiple platforms to get an unbiased opinion. If the catering company has an application, you may even check the reviews on Playstore or iOS store.

Now you might be wondering how to find all these platforms where people have reviewed the catering company?

It’s simpler than you can think.

Just type in the name of the company and mention the review at the end. To get more relevant results, mention the word “review” in inverted commas. For example

Baguette catering services & restaurants “reviews”

Catering in Dubai

2. Get reviews from different people

If you know anyone who has visited the catering company, you get in touch with him/her to get reviews.

However, this step needs to be carried out with extreme caution.

For example, you must double-check whether or not the person is an employee of the catering company. If not an employee, do his family members or those in close circle work in the company?

Also, as mentioned in online reviews, make sure you check with multiple people to get an unbiased opinion

3. Note down your requirements

This is one of the most important things to do before selecting catering in Dubai company.

You need to see what exactly your requirements are.This entails a lot of things.

For example, whether the catering company has the capacity to handle the number of people you wish to invite?

Some catering companies only manage large events, while others cater to all types of gatherings. Some only cater to only specific industries, e.g., corporate sector, government entities, etc.

So be sure the catering company you are approaching can serve the event of your magnitude.

At Baguette Catering, we cater to all sorts of events: big or small, private sector as well as government sector.

4. What is the menu?

The quality of food is the primary thing that will determine whether or not you will select the catering company or not.

For most catering companies, the menu is available online, while for others, you will have to call them to visit in person.

Nevertheless, thoroughly check the menu before making a final decision. If you or any of the guests are suffering from an ailment, make sure the food doesn’t aggravate it

Baguette Catering- Your one stop shop for all your catering needs

So is there any catering company in Dubai that fulfills all (or at least most) of the above criteria?

Well, you don’t have to search a lot as Baguette will perfectly fit what you are looking for.

Baguette is one of the most renowned catering in Dubai services. Not just in Dubai, the company is known throughout the emirates for its premium services at an affordable cost.

The best thing about Baguette is that it is not just restricted to one type of catering, e.g., only for wedding functions or birthday parties, but covers all kinds of events

Some of them are as follows:

Banqueting and Corporate Events: This covers corporate, social, and wedding events

Educational Institute Catering: Baguette specializes in providing catering services for the entire educational sector: schools, colleges, and universities, among other educational institutions.

Special attention is given in this regard to ensure that all government nutritional standards for students are strictly met, and nothing unhealthy is served.

Industrial Catering and Camps facilities Management: Any industrial or under construction setting has a multi-culture workforce that is usually not near any food point. In some cases, they are miles away from the city.

This brings a unique set of challenges. How to cater to the food tastes of the diverse workforce? How to reach out to those industrial workers who are on the outskirts of the city?

At Baguette, we are aware of these challenges are fully prepared to address them. We have the required expertise to provide food in such a challenging environment so that such hard-working people can completely focus on their work.

Healthcare Facility Management: This covers providing catering services to both patients and staff in hospitals and for those patients at homes who can’t cook food. The service is both for the private and public sectors. Customized meal plans are provided to each patient to ensure that the food doesn’t aggravate the illness.


Catering in Dubai is fun

This brings us towards the end of catering in Dubai guide. We have tried to cover each and every possible aspect that plays an important role in your decision making.

If there is any particular confusion in your mind, feel free to comment below, and we would be more than happy to answer it.

Alternatively, you may get in touch with Baguette Catering Services & Restaurant to discuss your event-related requirements, and we would be more than happy to design the best-suited package for you.

With our deep expertise in serving clients all over the UAE and of different industries, you can be sure to have the experience of your lifetime.

We not only specialize in providing a wide variety of good-tasting food menu but also put the effort in creating a near to perfect ambiance.

So GET IN TOUCH NOW to conduct your event like never before and WOW your guests